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In the spirit of living statues the roving acts have come to a standstill.  Set in one place, the characters bring stillness to their performances, creating surprise, intrigue, wonder and comedy, as they interact with those paying attention, and those that are not...

Static Performances



Silver, glitter, stillness, clowning, an original music score and a silent being from another dimension to lead you into a unique world ...

Pfla - Berufsfotografen 2008 046



A tasty slice of black comedy, where entertainment comes with silver service. Chef's prize dish is on the menu, but it's a little undercooked....

entree 2.JPG

Marquisa D'or


Step into another era as the gracious, flirtatious, and comically absurd noble from a time out of place tries to gain the attentions she thinks she deserves...

marquisa 16 copy.jpg

Perky and Fiddle


A pair of garden gnomes escape the garden and take off into the wild world of bike races, high speed chases, and can-can dancing. All while sitting on their wheelbarrows...

perky and fiddle 7.jpg



Synchronised snorkeling at its best!

The intrepid adventurers from the deep seas have donned their snorkel gear and come to investigate the fascinating world above the water...

snorkels 2.jpg
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