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“In street performance, Kinetic Theatre stands alone, communicating a quiet intense magic.”

RMIT Arts, Melbourne

Giant hairy snails, fat featherless birds, silver angels, a petting zoo of furry beasties, heads on platters, are just some of the peculiar and the wonderful who inhabit the world of Kinetic Theatre.

The company makes widely accessible theatre for all ages, that can both entertain a crowd and share intimate experiences with individuals. With a focus on outdoor roving pieces and installations, the company creates arresting visual worlds which carry a resonance and humour that comments on contemporary society. For the majority of the works, the performers weave the art of improvisation within the crafted structure of an act, to create interactions that respond to each different audience and environment.


​Originating on the streets of Fremantle in 1996, Kinetic is now based in Melbourne, Australia, and consists of a versatile troupe of performers whose training includes mime, stage acting, physical theatre, puppetry, improvisation, clowning, and costume design.  Their eclectic skills have combined to produce a variety of original shows and several commissioned performances. They also create costumes and props for other companies, as well as regularly perform with other artists.

Kinetic Theatre performs extensively both in it's home country and abroad, having been invited to festivals and events in Japan, Singapore, Canada, New Zealand and throughout Europe.

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