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The Snail's Trail

A journey of discovery along the Hobsons Bay Coastal Trail

The Snail's Journal

Day 1

Wednesday May 10th, 2023


After weeks upon weeks of preparations, it was time to head off on our journey.  

Starting at Greenwich Reserve in Newport, Victoria, where Sandy Point and the Warmies are, we made our way along the bay to Gem Pier and the Williamstown foreshore. It was once a woodland of Sheoaks and known as Koort Boork Boork by the traditional owners, the Yalukit Willam, whose ancestors go back to the time when you could walk to Tasmania over grassy plains full of kangaroos.

We had lots of people meet us along the way, included the kids from Newmark Primary.  Thanks for all the feeds of lettuce, and thanks to Seaworks for having us stay the night,

Till tomorrow,

Yitsak the Snail, Yenna the snail rider, and Harry, the snail guide.

Day one starts
Sandy Point Reserve
Greenwich Bay
Greenwich Bay 2
Tea Break
Greenwich Bay 3
Commonwealth Reserve

Day 2

Thursday May 11th, 2023


Woke up at Seaworks, the historical ship building yard, now arts centre and museum, to the sun shining and yesterday's clouds gone. It was a brilliant Autumn day for traveling along the seaside and drinking tea on Williamstown Beach. Rounding the corner from the Crystals onto Jawbone reserve we were greeted by the Williamstown Primary kids, and a little later on, by a local snake, who thankfully did not hang around and join us for lunch.

We continued through Jawbone and the Rifle Range Reserve, and came across the Hobsons Bay Wetlands citizen science group, who play an essential role in maintaining the waterways which are home to numerous local and migratory birds from as far afield as Siberia. Our day's journey eventually bought us to the boat sheds of the Kororoit Ck fishing village, and a well deserved dinner of lettuce, before bedding down for the night.

Till tomorrow,

Yitsak the Snail, Yenna the snail rider, and Harry, the snail guide.

Morning sleep in
Melbourne city skyline
Williamstown Beach 1
Williamstown Beach 2
Williamstown Beach 3
Williamstown Beach 3
Tea on the Beach
The Crystals 1
The Crystals 2
Jawbone Marine Reserve
Jawbone Reserve 2
Jawbone Arboretum
Nap time for Harry
The Wetlands
Koriot Ck Fishing Village 1
Kororiot Ck Fishing Village 2
Dinner time

Day 3

Friday May 12th, 2023


It was a sleepy start for Yenna, as we left Kororoit Ck and entered the old Williamstown Racetrack, which is being rehabilitated into the Altona Coastal Park. All that remains is a ruin of the grandstand, and a lone palm tree gazing over the grasslands.  From there we wound our way to the beach, through Seaholme and onto the Esplanade.  The lowtide left a rocky shoreline, and the wind had us a bit windswept, but there were birds aplenty, and people to greet us as we carried on into the heart of Altona Beach. 

We were warmly welcomed by the Louis Joel Art Centre, and equally by the Historical Society, who kindly have put us up for the night at the Altona Homestead. 

Till tomorrow,

Yitsak the Snail, Yenna the snail rider, and Harry, the snail guide.

1 A too early start
2 The old racetrack, Altona Coastal Park
3 The industrial boundary, Altona Coastal Park
4 The foreshore trail
5 Altona Coastal Park
6 The grandstand ruin
7 ruins
8 Altona Coastal Park
9 Rangers and the Snail
10 The big and the small of it
11 Altona Coastal Park
12 Altona Coastal Park
13 Altona Coastal Park
14 The coastal trail
15 Seaholme
16 Altona Beach
17 Altona Beach
18 altona homestead

Day 4

Saturday May 13th, 2023


We had a grand escort waiting this morning when we came out from the Homestead, who journeyed with us as we continued on along the beachfront.  At the end of the road we entered the reserve which leads to the Laverton Creek Wetlands. There as a special guest appearance was the amazing Willin Wimmin choir.  What an absolute delight to hear them sing.

Then lunchtime called and we headed further into the reserve, before leaving the coastline to travel along the Laverton Ck, between the water and the old Truganina Explosives Reserve. After the serenity of the creek, our detour brought us to the busy Queens Rd. Traffic goes very fast compared to a snail.  But soon there was the nights accommodation thanks to the Williamstown Musical Theatre Company, who made room for us in their space at the Hobsons Bay Mens Shed. 

Till tomorrow,

Yitsak the Snail, Yenna the snail rider, and Harry, the snail guide.

1 Setting off from the Altona homestead
2 Escorted though Logan Reserve
3 Altona Beach
4 Altona esplanade
5 Puppy meet Snail
6 Altona Beach
7 Willin Wimmin choir
8 The choir and the Snail
9 Laverton Ck wetlands
10 Laverton Creek
11 Laverton Ck
13 Tree nap

Day 5

Sunday May 14th, 2023


What a morning to be out as we retraced our steps along Laverton Ck to join up with the Hobsons Bay Coastal Trail again.  After morning tea in the sun, we meandered along the path through the woodlands towards the 100 steps of Federation lookout.  It was a bit of a feat for a snail to get to the top of what once was the Altona tip, but we did it.  You can see the city and beyond in one direction, and the You Yangs in the other, and below are the Cheetham wetlands, a Ramsar listed site, and haven to wildlife, particularly birds, included endangered and rare species. 

Under the grand Time Beacon sculpture that marks the lookout, The Newport Community choir sang for us and a large number of locals, doing a stunning rendition of songs about the birds around us. Such a treat, and perfect way to mark the end of our journey along the coastal trail.  It's been remarkable, thank you to everyone involved and the Hobsons Bay council for their support.

As we contemplate where to next,

we wish you the best,

Yitsak the Snail, Yenna the snail rider, and Harry, the snail guide.

1 Crossing the Laverton Ck
2 Laverton Ck bridge
3 Laverton Ck
4 Tea break
5 Halfway to the lookout
7 View across the bay to the Melbourne
8 View over the Ramsar listed Cheetham Wetlands
9 The birds
10 The Lookout, 100 Steps of Federation
11 Newport Community Choir
12 The choir and the snail again
13 Snail Greetings
13 Where to next?
14 where indeed...?
ST Poster.png

As part of Hobsons Bay New Art Program, we are taking Gastropodia on an epic journey. Yitsak, the giant hairy snail, his elfish rider, and their old snail wrangler friend will navigate the Hobson's Bay foreshore, in a unique performance event spanning five days in May.

            When - Wednesday 10th - Sunday 14th May. 10am-3pm daily.
            Where - Hobson’s Bay Coastal Trail, Greenwich Reserve, Newport to Truganina Park,                            Altona              

You are invited to join the trio as they slowly traverse the Coastal Trail. At times they will diverge to explore significant sites close by, and make frequent stops to rest, eat, and interact with the public.


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