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A square cow quacking for biscuits, a squirting pig, a one eyed blue cat, dancing carrots, a giant roaming poo, Beasties is a petting zoo with a difference. Set up to be partly observational and partly interactive, there’s fish birds to feed and Deloras will sing for you if you pat her enough. There’s also a pair of keepers to oversee the animals, answer your questions, and keep the poo from following you home.

"Extremely successful with our audiences, with young and old alike finding these animate objects intriguing and irresistible.”

Awesome International Children's Festival, Australia


Beasties is an installation of electronically controlled automata, combining sound, movement, and other surprises. Humorous and odd, it's designed to inspire fun and ignite the imagination of all who take part.

"A colourful, interactive and wholly unique attraction, … kept many of the young children present in complete thrall."
Big Laugh Out, Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Australia


Created in Collaboration with Philip Gamblen

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