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Visual attraction and theatre intermingle as a space is created into which the audience steps, to observe, participate, and become part of the performance.




A square cow quacking for biscuits, a squirting pig, a one eyed blue cat, dancing carrots, a giant roaming poo, Beasties is a petting zoo with a difference...

beasties 8.jpg

Bogomila and Son, Pty Ltd


Bogomila and Bogomil, the mother and son team of professional personal service renderers, eagerly bestow their psychic wisdom upon the unsuspecting populace...

bogomils 5.jpg

The O.L.D.B.U.G.A.S


Ethel, Arthur, and Ida are leading members of The O.L.D.B.U.G.A.S. Association, a humanitarian group committed to aiding those more fortunate than themselves....

oldbuggas 5_edited.jpg
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