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The O.L.D.B.U.G.A.S.


Roving walkabout

“What a joy to observe the three eccentric characters as they tried to “sell” their wares and interact with an unsuspecting but very intrigued “audience” …one of the highlights of this year’s festival.” 

Kalamunda ZigZag, Australia


Ethel, Arthur, and Ida are leading members of The O.L.D.B.U.G.A.S. Association, a humanitarian group committed to aiding those more fortunate than themselves. They work tirelessly to this end and at any festival, function or event, the society will set up their bric-a-brac stall, where you can try to buy something, win a prize if you’re lucky, or indulge in some beauty therapy. 

And of course they love a chat. Ethel is full of wisdom and tips on crochet, Arthur likes to think he's a bit of a lady's man, and Ida, who’s one sandwich short of a picnic, finds life a bit of a mystery. Don’t worry if they get too carried away, the bus is always there to pick them up at the end of the day. 

“The O.L.D.B.U.G.A.S.” are also available as celebrity guests. As they don’t get let out much, given the opportunity they will go to great lengths to make your event something to remember. 

“Kinetic Theatre's hilarious "OLDBUGAs" mock craft stall bemused and entertained many.” 

Fairbridge Festival, Australia

Installation - The Oldbugas set up their stall inside a market marquee, often amongst other stall holders.

Roving - The Oldbugas leave their stall behind and have a good wander around, though Ethel prefers to joyride in a wheelchair, looking for recruits and imparting their many pearls of wisdom.

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