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Roving Walkabout

Cedric is a two and a half meter tall, fat featherless bird. He is the pet of a lady called Gladys, though Cedric likes to think of it as the other way round.


Together they have packed a suitcase with the many years' worth of feathers Cedric has been collecting, him having none of his own, and have left the irradiated wasteland of their home in search of a new place to nest. And someone learned in the art of feather transplants. 


"Wonderful! The giant bird and his human companion engrossed us all." 
Summer Days, Australia

"The stunning visuals and performing presence created a world of magic that left many, in particular children, in awe."  

Fairbridge Festival, West Australia

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Original design Bryan Woltjen

Created by Bryan Woltjen and Kinetic Theatre

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