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bird back ground psd.jpg

The Quiz on Wheels

Roving Walkabout
Stage, MC

and Kinetic theatre

quiz on wheels - pakofest 2023

Colby Stilton and Rose Shiraz, and sometimes special guest host, Coral Grimshaw, are game show hosts with the most! They're odd-ball, obsessed, and they’ll stop at nothing to give you a quiz to remember.

Join them and their game show wheel on wheels, as they invite you to be a contestant in the big prize, which strangely no one has yet managed to win....

But never fear, everyone's a winner here, with consolation prizes galore. Move over
Heston Blumenthal, these guys have the recipe for you.

Whether roving around an event, or creating quiz show mayhem on stage, Stilton and Shiraz are sure to serve you up a whole platter of fun.

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