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Perky and Fiddle

Created by Laura Stam

Roving Walkabout
Static Performance

Two garden gnomes, two wheelbarrows, one big adventure....

Perky and Fiddle are a pair of garden gnomes who have spent many years sitting on their wheelbarrows watering the flower beds.  Increasingly bored of their humdrum, predestined existence, their dream of a wild, exhilarating, glamorous life grows ever stronger, until in a spontaneous moment they run off into the wild world of bike races, police chases, explosions, and a bit of can can dancing, to defy the stereotype of garden gnomes forever!

"Unique, clever, slightly absurd and very funny, the show was a great success."

Hoopla Festival, Sydney, Australia

Highly visual, the 20 minute show is performed without text to a recorded soundtrack, with humour that operates on different levels, making it appealing for both adults and children.  It's a mixture of mime, puppetry, comedy and badly behaved gnomes. Very badly behaved.

Roving -

Perky and Fiddle have escaped the flower bed, and with their trusty bikes they're out in search of adventures in the wider world. They just need a little help from people to keep them moving along, and out of sight of the gardener...

Dramaturgy - Penny Baron (Born in a Taxi)

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