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Roving walkabout

From a realm far away, come curious mythical creatures, their kind unseen before. 

Gigantic hairy snails and their impish riders, slime their way along the streets, malls, a
nd parklands of our cities and towns. Having fallen through a void into this world whilst traveling on an unknown shortcut, they've arrived, and been befriended by an elderly companion with a trolley of lettuces, who

joined them on their travels.


Endowed with the capacity to play music, articulate wildly and leave a watery snail trail, the snails lumber on by to the amazement of onlookers and passers-by alike, with whom their overtly curious riders delight in playing with. Maybe one day, finding someone to point them in the direction home.

"Visually spectacular, this unique show was a huge success. It bought an atmosphere of magic to the event, with people gazing in wonderment." 
World Street Performers Festival, Tokyo, Japan 

"The magical creatures delight and charm young and old audiences alike with their strange enchanted presence, ... hugely successful whenever they appear." 
Awesome International Children's Festival. Australia


"The large snails slowly creeping through the crowd created a great spectacle and added significantly to the carnival atmosphere throughout the streets." 

Capel Fest, Australia 

Produced by Kinetic Theatre

Snails designed and created by Bryan Woltjen

Electronic design by Philip Gamblen

Directed by Penny Baron (Born in a Taxi)

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