“… watching music” 

An angel, two metre high wings, silver, bubbles, glitter, stillness, and clowning, are woven together to create the etheral magic of Angelic.

Too curious about people, the angel has accidentally fallen into our world.  Unable to fly in an atmosphere too heavy with the sorrow of people, the angel slowly treads the earth, hoping to bring enough joy and lightness to make flight possible once more. 


Incorporating music with a high degree of audience interaction, this silent being from another dimension plays with the human beings that surround, enticing the audience into becoming part of a unique world.

Music by Lisa Daffen

“Angelic, enthralling and entertaining” 
- Halifax Buskers Festival, Canada

“Angelic is unique and visually stunning. Its presentation thrilled the thousands who saw it” 
– Fremantle Buskers Festival, Australia



One performer

                   STATIC PERFORMANCES